conservation volunteeringThere are many opportunities for conservation volunteering in the New Forest and those listed below play an active role in the Forest management of various habitats to improve their biodiversity

A great deal of research has been conducted into the effects of conservation volunteering. The benefits of spending time in natural surroundings combined with physical exercise are unique to those volunteering in an outside environment, and it has been shown to have a positive impact on the physical wellbeing and the mental health of conservation volunteers. This has been attributed to increased physical activity and reduced stress levels. Getting back to nature and the calming effect of woodlands reduces stress levels and provides a sense of accomplishment when you see the improvement your efforts make to the local environment. The New Forest provides a variety of conservation volunteering opportunities where you can explore its different landscapes and learn more about what makes the area unique.

If you would like to play your part in the conservation of the New Forest for the benefit of future generations, the following organisations that provide suitable opportunities:-

Pondhead Conservation Trust

Forestry England

National Trust

New Forest National Park Authority

New Forest Area Conservation Volunteers

The following video by Forest Europe outlines the benefits of woodlands and forests – all these benefits can be obtained by volunteering.

Conservation Volunteering is a great way to keep fit, stay active and meet new people while doing something worthwhile. No previous experience is necessary and it offers an ideal opportunity to learn new skills. These are representative comments from conservation volunteers: –

“It’s fun, the people are great and I get good exercise, fresh air and learn a lot. It gives me a sense of achievement and pride.”

Conservation work is my best workout each week”

A great way to keep fit in a unique landscape and learn loads about the New Forest”