Welcome to this New Forest Map and Guide. This an independent guide that gives you the lowdown on the New Forest. Browse through our pages for information on its history, customs, biodiversity and attractions. The New Forest Map (below) shows its location in the south west corner of Hampshire. The New Forest National Park is a unique landscape that covers an area of 220 square miles and contains no towns only villages and has been a National Park since 2005. It is situated in the south west corner of the county of Hampshire and is bordered by Southampton Water in the east and the River Avon to the west. It is home to around 5000 iconic New Forest ponies who roam freely across its unique landscape. The New Forest is not new and its not a forest – it was founded in 1079 by William the Conqueror (King William 1) when “forest” meant an area of land set aside for hunting by the King. He named it his  Nova Foresta – his New Forest. Check out our 30-minute video entitled “A Year in the New Forest”  to learn more about the Forest and see how it changes from season to season

For more images of the New Forest’s unique landscape and its wildlife, check out New Forest Nature Photography.

The New Forest is a unique landscape enjoy and please respect it.


“Perambulation” shown on the New Forest map below is an historic term for the boundary of the area governed by Forest law. It is defined in the New Forest Act 1964 and encompasses Crown land subject to common rights which is managed by Forestry England (formerly known as the Forestry Commission), plus privately owned land and manorial grounds. It also contains 22 miles of coastline along the Solent overlooking the Isle of Wight. The area within the perambulation makes up the heart of the New Forest – the area that most people come to visit. It attracts over 15 million day visitors each year. The National Park is one of the UK’s smallest and is surrounded by the three cities of Southampton, Winchester and Salisbury plus the large Bournemouth & Poole conurbation.

New Forest Map

New Forest Map courtesy of New Forest National Park Authority